About Anne

Annes PhotoSince early childhood, Anne has had a passion for drawing and painting, continually being inspired by her Aunt and Uncle who are also professional artists. After leaving school, Anne took on various office work until settling into the family business as an office administrator. Anne's passion for art never left her, so eventually by painting on week ends and in her spare time, she organised her first exhibition with her cousin, also an artist. That exhibition was a sell-out which gave her the confidence and drive to keep following the path of creativity. Anne has held numerous exhibitions since then, solely and jointly with other artists. When the family business was sold, she decided to pursue her art career full time.

Anne is mostly self-taught, although observing her aunt and uncle paint since childhood, has been a lifelong apprenticeship. Anne's style invites the viewer into the painting with an energy and feeling as if being part of the painting. Her use of brush has often been described as if it was an extension of her hand in her ability to make it look effortless. Over the years she has developed her own style using both palette knife and brushes, describing her work as energetic and loose. Anne's portraits however, have a more refined look and are executed with the use of oils, pastels or charcoal. She finds the challenge in bringing out the subject's personality most rewarding, whether it be human or animal. Anne has been selected twice now as a finalist in the Prestigeous Glencore Percival Portrait Prize for her painting Titled - "Samara" in 2014 and in 2016 for her portrait of 4TOFM radio personality Steve Price titled - "The Other Side of Pricey".

She was also a finalist in the Glencore Percival Animal Portrait Prize in 2016 with her painting of "Bing", Steve Price's dog.

Anne loves to paint most subjects but tends to gravitate towards seascapes and water, having grown up near the ocean. Her love of water is depicted in alot of her work and she is in her element when she can capture the movement and soul of the ocean at play.

She describes herself as a realist/impressionist artist who sometimes delves into the abstract depending on the mood at the time of inspiration. Anne's large floral pieces, painted with a palette knife and oils have been receiving enthusiastic reviews.

Her work is held in private collections throughout Australia and overseas. Five years ago she took on the position of managing the Good Shepherd Art Gallery, Townsville which showcases artwork from approximately 22 local artist's as well as her own.

Anne holds regular art classes/workshops at Ruth Heiner Art studio. Please contact her for further details via the contact page. Anne welcomes the opportunity to do commissions.


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